Liz Dershimer


Jordan Chambliss

Liz Dershimer and Jordan Chambliss

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Our Story

Liz and Jordan met on August 1st, 2021 at Gwinnett Church. A couple days later Jordan started on the Gwinnett InsideOut team where Liz worked as a resident. Liz was in her second & last year of the North Point Residency Program and Jordan was just beginning his first year. They didn't start off on the best of foots since Liz was NOT a big fan of Jordan. In fact, there's a famous promise Liz made to one of her best friends, Becca (who was also on the team), "I can promise you, I will never date Jordan". The Lord is just funny sometimes. As Jordan's personality grew on Liz, they became friends and naturally, Jordan fell for Liz. Over time, Liz began to warm up to Jordan and the two became close friends. Soon Liz realized she had feelings for Jordan as he began kindly and intentionally pursuing her. On April 28, Liz and Jordan went to a Braves game as just friends but by the end of the night… it became a date, so Liz and Jordan have always said it was their first date. They haven’t looked back since. On December 28th, with the disguise of a birthday party, Jordan surprised liz and proposed on a bridge before having a surprise picnic on an island and a surprise engagement party later that night. They look forward to spending the rest of their lives together working in student ministry alongside each other as they both seek out God’s calling for their life.